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High waist.

Comfortable fit.


Selvedge denim.

Waistline: 40 cm.

The Levi's® Vintage Clothing 1933 501® Jean introduced new clothing options — updated with belt loops, but the popular gather and suspenders buttons remained the same. Some chose to wear their jeans with a belt instead of a sling. They did not follow the style of the older generations, they finished the gathering at the rivet and removed the trouser hanger buttons. Many Levi's® retailers kept large scissors for their customers to cut shirring. This incarnation of 501® reflects the brand's growing popularity — at the time, all kinds of denim pants were called "Levi's" regardless of who produced them. In 1927 the company patented the name "Levi's®". In 1933, the 501® was updated with a new Guarantee Ticket in its back pocket. In 1892, the inscription "Here are real trousers" on a ticket was changed to "Here comes the real Levi's®". This jean also set itself apart with a detail that reflected an important moment in history and Levi's® workwear heritage. Beneath the leather patch was a blue eagle and a white cloth label with the letters "NRA" printed — this was the logo for the National Rescue Act. The National Rescue Administration, founded by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, aimed to support workers during the 1930 Great Depression. The company was allowed to use this logo as Levi Strauss & Co.® adheres to the rules of the administration. These jeans are made from selvedge denim produced at Cone Mills, a partner of Levi's® for over 100 years.

Levi's Vintage Clothing 1933 501XX Crop

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